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Over two decades, Tongsim has established itself as one of the most reliable name of manufacturers and suppliers of wood products in the region.  Since  incorporation, Simpoh has been consistently growing and expndaing its business operations with the combination of technical know-how and sound experience of the management. Driven by our corporate goal of creating ultimate customers satisfaction, our enthusiastic management and dedicated workforce strike to deliver wood products of highest quality. Today, Simpoh has built a solid reputation for its consistency in producing high quality products and on-time delivery.

At Tongsim, we highly value innovativeness and creativity. We continuously seeks to improve our production process, inventories management and delivery system, in order to make us the name of the best. Utilizing our expertise in timber and wood products, we ensure our products can always meet the highest expectation of our customers. At Simpoh, we believe in making our wood resources into environmental friendly products while preserve the nature of rain forest.  Our hardwood products are mainly from Malaysia, one of the most respectful countries in South East Asia which practises sustainable forest management. Our products are made of legal-certified timber logs originating from Permanet Reserve Forest that has been certified to the Malaysian Timber Certification Council's standards, which is in line with the standards set out in Sustainable Forest Management.

We specialize in sawntimber, hardwood flooring, moulding products and industrial used wood products, such as truck flooring and outdoor products. Species such as Balau, Merbau, Kapur and Keruing/Apitong are the most popular ones.

In addition, Tongsim also introduces other species of tropical hardwood, such as Meranti, Kekatong, Keranji, Kapur, Balau and other Malaysian hardwoods. These Malaysian hardwoods are of similar strength and durability with the well-accepted Apitong but are available in less cost.

We are making our best efforts to present you with our entire spectrum of information and offers on this website.  At Tongsim.com.my, we provide information about Southeast Asian hardwood species at Product Page. Our goal is to make Tongsim.com.my the best resources for asian hardwood information and your supply.

We believe that, by far, the most important aspect of our business is the quality of products and services. Serving you right is our principle of all time and we look forward to hearing from you.
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