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Crossarm Braces

Tongsim pursues the highest levels of professionalism to provide our customers with a broad array of products relating to wood braces of high quality for power distribution application. Satisfying your needs while offering creative solutions to our valuable customers is our ultimate corporate goal.

Our Wood Crossarm Braces are designed and engineered to provide high durability and reliability.  Tongsim utilizes preservatives treated Apitong (a.k.a. Keruing), a straight-grained tropical hardwood well-known for its proven strength and durability under exposure to outdoor environment. The insulating properties of Apitong enable elimination of short circuit path between the conductors.

For environmentally sensitive applications, Tongsim also offers crossarm braces with untreated Apitong.

Our boltless design with better grip ensures the aluminum 6061-T6 alloy end-fittings are securely assembled while eliminating the static-producing bolts used in traditional design.  With this innovative design, Tongsim is able to produce Crossarm Braces that are not only strong, but also lightweight, and better looking.

In addition, Tongsim also introduces crossarm braces utilizing other species of tropical hardwood, such as Kekatong, Keranji, Acasia, and other Malaysian hardwoods.  These Malaysian hardwoods are of similar strength and durability with the well-accepted Apitong but are available in less cost.

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