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Truck/Trailer Flooring

Simpoh offers truck and trailer flooring in various wood profiles of highest quality. Our flooring profiles range from Tongue and Grove (TnG), Shiplap, Pencil Edge, Baton, Surface 4 Sides (S4S), E4E, rough sawn to any other custom wood profiles of our customers’ choice. These flooring are normally in form of solid wood, but also available in form of laminated finger-joint wood. We seek to utilise our expertise in hardwood products to offer our business partners with the best solutions.Our truck and trailer flooring are available in various species of tropical hardwood, such as Apitong, Balau, Kapur, Keranji, Kekatong, Merbau and other Malaysian hardwoods. These Malaysian hardwoods are well-known  its proven strength and durability.

We manufacture truck flooring in any specific sizes or measurements as defined by our customers. Some of the most common wood profiles are as follows:
Tounge& Groove (TnG)
Shiplap profile has wooden siding rabbets so that the edge of one board overlaps the one next to it in a flush joint.  Most often, shiplap profile is utilized for flooring and siding application.
Tongue & Groove is a joint made by fitting a tongue on the edge of a board into a matching groove on another board. Its design enables stronger and non-slippery jaw action while eliminates nut and bolt failures.
Side-Four-Side (S4S)
Edge-Four-Edge (E4E)
S4S profile are made from timbers dressed by moulder to give a smooth surface on four sides. This profile is commonly found in furniture, framing and other utilitarian uses.
Edge-Four-Edge is also known as Pencil Edge. All corners of E4E profile are rounded with 4 sides are planned to give a smooth surface. E4E is one of the most widely used moulding profiles found in furniture, decking, and flooring application.
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