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Solid Hardwood decking is the best possible choice for exterior decking. Not only is it more beautiful and more stable than composites, tropical hardwood decking is naturally durable. We specialize in some of the finest woods from Asian tropical rain forest such as Balau, Keranji, Merbau, Kekatong, Apitong, Kapur, etc.
We offer direct container shipments from our plants to our customers’ destination. We are constantly working to improve every aspect of our company, from the quality and diversity of our products, to the quality and development of our employees. Quality control is critical to ensure that our decking meets our grading, milling, kiln drying standards, and most importantly, expectation for our valued customers.

TruDeck offers a huge range of high quality hardwood decking timbers in various sizes, from the standard 70mm wide decking timber to 140mm. The most popular being Red Balau, Keranji, Apitong, Kapur, etc. Decks can be built  over an existing tiles or concrete slabs, or on the second level of  your home and everything in between.

TruDeck’s vast experience in manufacturing decking and timber products enables us to offer our customers with professional advice for all sorts of decking materials.

Product Specification
ProductDecking (finished or semi-finished)
SpeciesKeranji, Balau, Keruing, Kapur, Merbau
Wood ColorNatural wood color - Reddish Brown, Dark Brown, Light Brown, etc.
ApplicationTerraces, Gardens, Backyards, Spa and sauna area, Swimming pools, etc.
SizeThickness - 19, 21, 25 & 27mm
Width - 70, 90, 120, 145 & 185mm
Length - 1800 to 5000mm
Surface FinishSmooth or Anti-Slip (Ribbed)

Beauty of Wood
No other material offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood. Wood decking enhances the décor of any outdoor living space, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years.

No other product has been able to replace solid hardwood decking as the most durable decking available. Solid unfinished decking can be sanded and refinished many times, offering a deck which will last a lifetime. Our decking is precision milled with the highest quality equipment available to ensure the highest standards of fit and finish.

TruDeck are ecologically friendly. Since it is a natural resource, wood is both renewable and recyclable. And, because wood does not collect dust and other allergens, many leading health associations agree that hardwood decking are the perfect choice for a healthy home.

Today’s hardwood decking products are affordable. Over time, hardwood decking maintain their value. When other flooring options are looking tired and worn out, TruDeck will still look beautiful and timeless.

Hardwood decking has come a long way in the past few years. Today, TruDeck offers styles, colors and species of wood flooring available than ever before.

Processes ( Facilities )

Kiln Drying
Because solid hardwood will always move with changes in moisture content, many problems related to exotic hardwood decking are caused by variations in humidity or moisture content. These changes in the moisture content of the wood can cause movement, shrinkage, expansion, gapping between boards, crackingand checking. Extreme changes in moisture can lift the finish right off the wood itself.

Therefore, careful kiln drying is one of the most important factors in producing the best possible solid decking products. Tropical woods generally have a higher density and require kiln drying techniques vastly different than the drying domestic temperate hardwoods. Our rough lumber blanks are air dried for a minimum of two months prior to kiln drying - this process slowly removes moisture from the wood to reduce defects. Proper air drying will bring the lumber moisture content down close to fiber saturation point, typically around 25% moisture content.

Ideally, when lumber enters the kilns the individual pieces are at approximately the same starting moisture content. The pre-drying or air drying process helps to achieve this ideal. We do not rush the drying process and the material goes through both equalization and conditioning steps to ensure the material has a uniform moisture content throughout each piece, thus minimize movement, shrinkage or expansion, and gapping.

Milling Quality
Our milling quality is the very best in the industry. This means our hardwood product will fit together perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. This will save time during the installation and help to prevent squeaks and pops during the life of your floor.

Premium Moulders Create a Consistent Fit
We use only the finest to mill our decking. This allows us to produce the smoothest possible finish with a minimum of knife marks and eliminates the typical chatter and tear out found in many hardwood decking products. Having the highest tolerances possible a more consistent fit for quicker installation.
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